Our Vision

“I believe that the reason for that success is hard work, dedication, and the fact that our employees care about how each project is handled for our customers.”   -To all our DML Team.

Vision: To be our customers first choice when selecting a world-class manufacturer of plastic parts, assemblies and products, and the provider of related technical services.

Mission: We will deliver quality and service to our customers through the supply of injection molded products built upon the foundation of People, Process and Technology. To embrace a propensity for satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers by supplying on-time, high quality products and services, with competitive pricing and long term consistent value.


Develop and sustain long-term, mutually beneficial, business partnerships. Incorporate “State-of-the-Art” technologies in equipment, processes, and general business and manufacturing applications throughout the operations. Continuously improve safety, quality and production initiatives.

Primary “Manufacturing Keys” (Inventory Control, Operational Efficiencies, and Waste Elimination) must be constantly monitored and managed.

Implement Just-in-Time techniques to improve quality and flexibility, and maximize return on assets/investments.

Sustain and nurture a manufacturing environment that promotes our employees’ development, creativity and involvement at all levels of the organization.

Core Values:

Integrity – We will be known in the industries we serve as a company that fulfills our commitments and operates to high ethical standards.

Win – Win – Win –We will make decisions that provide the best outcome for our Customers, Employees and Owners.

An Adventure to Live – We will continuously evaluate business opportunities and seek to realize those opportunities that provide great value to the customer, inspire the organization and will provide great satisfaction to the organization when realized.

Innovative and Creative – Our employees are the most valuable asset of the company and the only asset that has the ability to innovate and generate creative ideas to provide solutions to customer challenges. We will encourage teamwork, creative thinking, and innovation as a primary avenue to add value to our customers, reduce cost and improve quality.

World Class Service – We listen to our customers, anticipate their needs and seek to exceed their expectations prior to them having to ask.

Craftsmanship – We are passionate about quality and take pride in a job well done.

Cycle of Success – We continuously set goals, measure our performance, evaluate our progress and set new goals.

Community –We will be involved and give back to the communities where we live and work.

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