Electronic Assembly Services
RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
Electro mechanical assembly
Quick Turn Prototypes
High-Volume Production
Material Procurement & Warehousing
Surface Mount, Thru-Hole Assembly & Mixed Technology    Package size
AOI & X-ray inspection
Pin Insertion & Press Fit Connectors
Component Programming
Component Rework Capability
Higher level assembly - box build
From Metal Core Single Side PCB's to Multi Layer rigid FR4boards. Manufactured to IPC Class II or III standards and with UL approval. Capabilities down to 0.2mm holes, 5mil/5mil track width and spacing, and Lead Free HASL, ENIG and OSP finishes.
Engineering Services:

DML's team of engineers assists you in the development of new designs for quality, manufacturability (DFM) and testability optimization to result in cost-effective solutions and shorter time to market.

Systems Design & EngineeringCircuit Design
PCB Layout
Prototype Assembly & Test
Software Development
Support for Agency Testing (UL, CE, FCC, etc.)
Development & Functional Testing
Manufacturing Transition
Project Management
DML takes pride in working from design and layout to prototyping and after-market support to bring you innovative solutions. We maintain a flexible operation for small volume prototype runs which is enhanced by our in-house PCB fabrication operation to enable customers to reduce time to market for new designs.
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