Injection molding

Integrating Experience,Innovation and Technology
DML is known by major OEMs in many industries for our reputation as a highly-experienced and innovative custom injection molder. We utilize the latest in manufacturing and automation technologies in our 4,000 square meters, purpose-built molding facilities to give you high quality parts at a competitive price. Our Manufacturing Group has extensive molding industry experience and applies the best practices of lean manufacturing principles throughout our operation. A highly trained and technical staff operates our plant 24/7.Whether your parts specify tight tolerances, have complex geometry or are highly cosmetic, our technical staff is battle tested and can meet your difficult molding requirements. If your parts require post-molding operations or full contract manufacturing, we offer a complete range of in-house assembly, testing, decorating and packaging services.
Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities
Injection Molding (plastic molding)
Double shot moulding /Insert Molding
Compression moulding and transfer moulding
Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
30+ Presses: 80 ton to 1100 ton
Automated part handling system
Real-time electronic process monitoring on all presses and workstations
Commodity and engineering-grade thermoplastic resins
Bulk storage silos with automated material feed system
Post-molding assembly, testing, decorating, and packaging
ISO9001:2015 Certified

The result is an optimized injection molding process that provides you the benefits of:

Part-to-part repeatability

Elimination of defective parts during the molding process
Optimized cycle time
Reduced material consumption
Higher production capacity
Overall cost reduction
Robust and reliable manufacturing process

Plastic Injection Molding Materials
We run standard engineering grade materials, including filled and unfilled. While we normally source the resin, we are happy to use customer supplied material when required. Our facility has all of the necessary driers and chillers to ensure that your parts are made to the highest possible dimensional and cosmetic quality standards.

Materials commonly run include:

Santoprene and other TPE’s
All kinds of resin with UL-Flame-Rating
And others as needed

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