CNC Prototype Machining

CNC prototype machining is an excellent choice as it could make little amounts of a prototype in a relatively short time compared to other methods. There are different kinds of prototypes that can be easily made from CNC prototype machining. For example, appearance prototypes can convey visual information about how the final part will look or behave. However, functional prototypes require higher tolerance and focus more on the product structure and stability.


CNC prototype machining is one area in which this technology has proven to be a boon. CNC machining prototype solutions are indispensable in every industry. Therefore, manufacturers often wonder about the best method to create prototypes of machined parts. CNC prototype machining has applications in almost all the industries precision machining works in. In most of these industries, they always need a functional prototype or at least a version that can show how the real product works. A CNC machining prototype fits the bill the most.

The purpose of the prototyping stage is to convey visual information about the final parts, find out how a digital design turns out physically, and determine the properties of the end product created. Functional prototypes of new parts also enable the manufacturer to identify defects in the design and eliminate them before manufacturing large quantities of the final product. Eliminating any defects in the prototyping stage makes the production run more cost-effective.


Sometimes parts need to be machined (instead of using other methods), even if it’s a one-off prototype. This could be because of certain material requirements , tight tolerances, cosmetic finishes, or other needed attributes best made through CNC machining and turning services. CNC prototypes give you high-function, tight tolerance components that are ready to go out-of-the-box. It will help you shave costs off your next project.

Our CNC manufacturing capabilities allow you to create prototypes with high dimensional accuracy and excellent mechanical properties from a variety of metals and plastics. Manufacture on-demand with our 3-axis and 5-axis CNC mills, or our CNC turning process, and receive your prototype parts when you need them.

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